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Downhome Datebook
Downhome Cookbook
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Dictionary of Newfoundland & Labrador

It has taken a decade to compile this incredible collection of language and folklore. This unique reference book combines definitions with illustrations, pronunciations and clever turns of phrases that reflect the colour and rhythm of the style of English commonly used in this province. The author, Ron Young, designed this to be much more than a dictionary - it is a guide to understanding the language and the people of England's oldest colony. In total the Dictionary of Newfoundland and Labrador contains all this and more.

Downhome Almanac & Cookbook

The Downhome Almanac and Cookbook is the first of its kind. There have been almanacs before, and there have been cookbooks before, and this is not the first book to have home remedies and cures, nor is it the first with household hints. There have been books containing humour, heart touching stories, thoughts to live by, and even books in which to keep track of your family tree before. But never has there been a book that incorporates all of these! Contains over 700 recipes.

Downhome Almanac & Cookbook 2

This book is a follow-up to the first Downhome Almanac & Cookbook, which became a Canadian Best Seller in less than eight months. This almanac contains 580 new recipes, all new stories, writings, poems, information, jokes and real life's funny experiences.

Tonic for the Woman's Soul - Almanac # 3

Tonic for the Woman's Soul is the third book in Downhome's Almanac and Cookbook series. Contains short stories, jokes, biographies, poetry, facts and much more, all pertaining to women from Newfoundland and Labrador and throughout the world. Includes over 250 new recipes, plus a special diabetic section.

Tickle & Bight

Armed with sharp wit and a penchant for seeing the lighter side of life, Lucy Fitzpatrick McFarlane has been spinning yarns for Downhome Magazine for more than 20 years. Her vivid memories of childhood shenanigans and awkward adolescence, as well as her unique commentary on love, married life, and growing older are always entertaining and often insightful

Our Sports

Over 50 Years of the Games and Athletes of Newfoundland and Labrador, includes pictures and descriptions for champions from hockey, golf, tennis, softball, soccer, the Royal St. John's Regatta, baseball and curling.

That Nothing Be Lost

Favourite stories from one of Newfoundland's favourite storytellers and Order of Canada winner.

Date Book

A perpetual calander with stunning picturesque pictures of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Gallery Cookbook

This book contains recipes such as: Hangashore Clam Chowder, Alma's Baked Beans, Newfoundlander Bologna Casserole, Wined Rabbit just to name a few ... You may find an old favourite or be adventurous and try something new.

Pure Labrador Cookbook

The Pure Labrador Cookbook is a compilation of heritage recipes and stories from the Labrador Straits and recipes from Pure Labrador Preserves of Forteau, Labrador. This collection includes recipes using the Labrador berry products as well as recipes from the family restaurant.

Captain Bob Bartlett and the Karluk Adventure

It was 1913 and the ship Karluk left British Columbia on a scientific expedition to Canada's Artic. At her wheel was Captain Robert Abram Bartlett, the "Master Mariner of the North" from Brigus, Newfoundland. The Karluk became trapped in the early winter ice and was carried across the Artic Ocean, where it was crushed and sank. The crew and passengers set up camp on the ice and months later, when daylight returned to the Artic, they walked to an island.

Downhome Family Fun Book

The enormously popular puzzles that have traditionally graced the pages of Downhome magazine are now running cover-to-cover in their own publication. And expect some brand new puzzles.

Downhome Memories

It's life, as you remember it.
Downhome Memories brings together 240 pages of stories, poems and images guaranteed to strike a sentimental chord with every reader. Through the words of regular people - your siblings, your parents and your grandparents histories are shared and the years that separate past and present slip away. The writing is honest and from the heart, born of a longing to recapture the simpler, finer things in life. There are elements in this collection to make you laugh, make you cry, make you proud and, most of all, make you remember.

The Christmas Sock

Isobel has a school project to bring in a stocking which will be filled with gifts and given to those who need help this Christmas. But because Isobel's parents are not working, her Mom suggests they decorate one of her Father's wool socks. Isobel is furious, she cannot just bring an old wool sock to school, but time is passing and Christmas is nearly here. What is Isobel going to do?

Trouter's Special

Join new friends Andy and Wally as they take the Trouter's Special train for a night of camping and fishing. Also contains some interesting fun facts about the Newfoundland Railway!

Here Moosey Moosey

When their father heads into the woods on a moose hunt, the boys playfully call out "Moosey Moosey!" Imagine their surprise when a big bull moose answers their call!

Emily and the Captain: A Winter Adventure

The story continues from the best selling Emily & the Captain: A Woody Point Story. On a winter visit to Woody Point, Newfoundland, from her home in Virginia, Emily discovers a little lost fox, Rett. Amazingly, Rett is also from Virginia. But why has he fled Virginia and how has he gotten all the way to Newfoundland?
Emily and her animal friends find food and shelter fro Rett and they all enjoy the fun of the deep snows of a Newfoundland winter in the Mystical Forest.
But Rett is homesick and longs to return to Virginia. Glow-ria, the northern light, finds a way to get Rett home, if that's what he really wants. It seems Emily and the animals must part with their new - found friend forever.

Emily and the Captain: A Woody Point Story

Santana, an evil sea-imp, has sealed Captain Woody McKenzie in the Woody Point lighthouse. But Captain Woody isn't in the lighthouse; he's part of it! Glow-ria, the northern light, becomes Emily's guardian angel. She tells Emily that there is a secret to breaking the spell but that Emily must discover it for herself, in her own heart. The years pass and there seems to be no way to save the Captain. Then the Woody Point lighthouse is due to be torn down. Something has to be done, now! Paperback.

Cabin Log Book

With this Log Book you can record visitors, weather conditions, and comment on the day to day activities at the cabin.

Guest Book

Downhome Reflections

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So behold - Downhome's first published collection of photographs submitted by our magazine readers. Every page of Downhome Reflections is a celebration of our place in the world.